Island Origin Brand Tee is back again~

Combining the source of the island's human spirit-the strong return of salted fish.

Chasing dreams, not alone

Dreamer is not alone

The process of chasing dreams sometimes feels like an isolated island, fighting alone every day; but there is never only one salted fish chasing dreams, and Dokdo is not alone. As long as we keep moving forward, our dreams will always meet!

This time, the island’s human source brand Tee is made of 250g/m² (7.4oz) 100% cotton Tee , which is slightly thicker than the previous styles, and the version is more upright. It is recommended to choose a larger size according to the usual size to perfectly match CHICLOOSE.

The same style is still the same for men and women.

Only for couples? No! No! No!

There are more children's wear of the same style to choose from~ ( click to view details)

There are two colors to choose from for the adult model, the eternal color black , which is a golden all-match, and the Special Color, the indispensable purple this summer.

Of course there is no limit to Special Color, so simple la~

In addition to the four regular size options on the left, for those who prefer OVERSIZE, the black model is also available in the OVER Special Size-EX (XXXL) .

*Please refer to the size table for size details.

*There is a color difference between the photo and the actual product, and everything is subject to the actual product.

Island Origin Brand Tee

Color: Purple
  • The shop sells all original designs, from the illustration of graffiti on the wall in the shop to a sticker Design, all from the boss @ArSaiHongShek.

    All the T-shirts sold in this shop are made with brands from Japan and Canada in consideration of the pursuit of quality, and are printed and produced in China. Therefore, each T-shirt is based on the strengths of the quality requirements of various regions, and we hope to provide the best High-quality wearing experience and experience with all customers.

    The black version of this product is printed with selected Shanghai brand T-shirts in purple and Ex, all of which are 250g/m² (7.4oz) 100% cotton, moderate thickness, and a more straightforward style.