Salted Fish Totem

Salted Fish Totem

Hold the body of salted fish, fight for the dream of the dragon

Many people think that salted fish is a negative totem.

First of all, its image is dry, moldy and smelly.

At the same time, salted fish also represents a corpse in Cantonese, so there is the phrase "If there is no dream, it is like salted fish!"

In fact, the dream chaser is more like a salted fish, he can only hesitate, because there is no capital to lose, let go and chase.

Even if it's just a salted fish, continue to chase your dreams!

With the totem on your back, go forward bravely and chase the dream in your heart!

The salted fish totem is back! ! !

Same as the previous comeback models, we have made some small changes in the small details while retaining the classic models.

There are little surprises that seem familiar and a little different, waiting for you to discover.

Extend 190g/m² (5.6oz) 100% Cotton Japanese brand Tee, the thickness is moderate, restore the most comfortable wearing experience.

Simple and versatile version, unlimited matching, the same style for men and women.

In addition to the five regular sizes on the left, for those of you who prefer OVERSIZE, you can choose from Special Size-EX (XXL).

*Please refer to the size table for size details.

*There is a color difference between the photo and the actual product, and everything is subject to the actual product.

Salted Fish Totem

Color: MetroBlue
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    本產品主要采用日本品牌T恤印製,190g/m² (5.6oz) 面料厚薄適中。