Sea Country Treasures

Island Treasure

Calmly conceived in the wind and waves, the corner of Nangang preserves precious treasures

In our Cantonese culture, we often use "beautiful" to describe beautiful things.

Beautiful young girls, nice cars, nice houses, nice fish balls, nice salted fish, so this time we will focus on the beautiful water people and nice salted fish.

In my memory, the tailoring of the aquatic people's clothes in the past is a must. It perfectly expresses the graceful figure of the aquatic women but does not lose the ease of work; and on the island, the fish by-products are of course also a must, because of the sea. Eat the sea, there are the best materials, of course it is easy to make treasures.

The four treasures of the sea are the inscriptions from my grandfather's salted fish shop "Haizhen". The inscription was Chen Lifeng, a calligrapher from Changzhou, but they have not been preserved and have now been lost. So on the clothes, the font of @李汉港楷 is used, hoping that Hong Kong-style calligraphy can be preserved in another form.

There are two colors to choose from ( Classic Wild White & Special Color Olive )

Except for the five regular sizes on the left, for those of you who prefer OVERSIZE, Mr. Chung has a favorite Special Size-EX (XXL) .

Extend 190g/m² (5.6oz) 100% Cotton Japanese brand Tee, the thickness is moderate, restore the most comfortable wearing experience.

Simple and versatile version, unlimited matching, the same style for men and women.

Exquisite rib stitching round neck design, classic small round neck, simple and clean,

The version is just right, not too close to the body, it looks good in spring and summer single wear, you can also choose the one size bigger, Oversize layered wear.

*Please refer to the size table for size details.

*There is a color difference between the photo and the actual product, and everything is subject to the actual product.

Island Treasure

Color: Olive
  • The shop sells all original designs of their own, from the illustration of graffiti on the wall in the shop to a sticker Design are all from the boss @ArSaiHongShek.

    All the T-shirts sold in this shop are made with T-shirts from Japan, Canada and other regional brands in consideration of the pursuit of quality, and are printed and produced in China. Therefore, each T-shirt is based on the strengths of the quality requirements of various regions, and we hope to provide the best High-quality wearing experience and experience with all customers.

    This product is printed on a Japanese brand T-shirt, with a moderate thickness of 190g/m² (5.6oz).