Taiping Team

TaiPing Sentai

The heart of a child prays for peace, the god of the island Wei Taiping

Taiping Clan is the original character of Dao Renyuan, with the gods in Cheung Chau Taiping Qingjiao as the origin of creation.

A group of elementary school students on the island, by a chance, got the power of King Tuas, Lord Earth and Mountain God, eating different flavors of safe buns (red bean paste, lotus seed paste and sesame), they can induce divine power to repel the island Negative energy, and when they face greater difficulties, the Northern Emperor will incarnate into a giant mechanical patron saint and set off at the secret base of the stadium in front of the Northern Emperor Temple to help them solve their problems; when they successfully recover the negative energy, they will Use positive thoughts to resolve the negative emotions on the island and guide the negative energy to restore balance.

The Taiping team is like the Taiping Qingjiao, it is the representative of maintaining peace and safety on the island!

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TaiPing Sentai

Color: White
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    本產品采用日本品牌T恤印製,190g/m² (5.6oz) 面料厚薄適中。